Updated: Jan 6


  • 100 + print and online press features June 2019 – June 2020

  • 10,000 + estimated online coverage views June 2019 – June 2020

  • Coverage in leading farming publications, including Farmers Weekly and Farmers Guardian

  • 53% uplift in social media followers/likes for Terravesta accounts Terravesta Eco Fuels and Terravesta Equine on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn June 2019 - July 2020

Our role

Our role at Terravesta is very much to be an extension of the team, working closely with the

business to oversee their communications strategy, which covers digital and print PR and

marketing, events and stakeholder relations.

Our long-standing working relationship with Terravesta means we have a deep understanding of the role Miscanthus plays in building a sustainable future for our planet. This is in terms of environmentally friendly farming and land use, but also in the wider bio-economy.

We have worked hard to position Terravesta and the energy crop Miscanthus, as a key player in not only sustainable farming, but in the climate change revolution.

It’s now that we are transitioning our communications to a wider audience as the crop becomes even more recognised as a crucial part of the land use mix to meet net zero.


Our strategy is multifaceted.

We oversee the communications for four areas of the business, to audiences including farming, general, equine and domestic eco-fuels.

Each area has a very different audience and approach, and has to be monitored and adjusted to meet our objectives.

The business is growing rapidly and it’s important that we keep evolving the communications to meet the changing objectives Terravesta has.