Terravesta Athena planting campaign

Updated: Jan 21


  • The 6 month targeted campaign delivered over 300 planting leads

  • We had 89 print and online press features for this campaign from July - December 2021

  • The campaign secured coverage in leading farming publications in print and online, including Farmers Weekly and Farmers Guardian

The brief The brief was simple, to deliver planting leads for the sales team, by targeting farmers interested in diversifying with the carbon negative energy crop, Miscanthus.

Strategy This aim was to deliver a large amount of sales leads through the PR and marketing activity, and show where they came from.

We worked with a designer and a paid media manager specialist, Jack Nelson, to design a strong landing page, and create a targeted paid social media and Google ads campaign to direct farmers to the landing page. We complimented this with paid advertising in leading farm titles, online and in print, and we maximised the organic social media outputs and reach, as well as issuing press releases and placing editorials in leading farming magazines. The resulting leads have been unprecedented, and have kept the sales team busy, with over 300 leads for both 2022 and 2023 planting.